Reconfiguring the staircase sector

The staircase is a really young product that will show improvements which until recently were unconceivable. The passion for research and development led d’opera to integrate further progress into stairs system through industrial methods, reconfiguring completely the sector.

Up to the present d’Opera registered 12 patents, these create an important feature that gives to d’opera a special and recognizable identity with all its products.

A stair that goes to infinity

One of the most recent patent is about the E20 system, an ingenious drawing of modular elements made of resyns; these, assembled one after the other, create the central spine of the staircase where the steps start their ascent sequence.

This is an infinite loop solution that can be adapted to every spatial characteristic, every height and measure.

The E20 system has a flexible and organic performance, just like a natural shape, the spiral of a shell or the DNA helix, giving a great usability and ductility

Every staircase is a set of well-defined parts, each of which has its own function. d’Opera cares particularly the design and realisation of railings that envolves usability and quality design

Patended newel system.

A special polydirectional joint mounting to connect the railing elements in such a way that can be adapted for every gradient with an easy and fast application. We created a mechanical item, born to solve a constructive need, but thought to represent a dinstinctive element of the system

Patented newel system.

The maximum optimization in every phase

The dove-tail joint used for the L20 system is the solution created and patended by d’Opera to connect the metal structure pieces of the staircase.

This invention allows to enhance and gain a better management of both the industrialisation phase, the transport one and the installation phase of L20 stair.