We love to experiment all the possible materials

Being firmly rooted in the terrytory with a strong industrial vocation grants d’opera to be right in the middle of a complex and specialized works for every kind of materials and finishes.
Precision and wide components choice provide and extreme freedom of parts combinations

Beechwood and Oakwood treated with natural oils, used for steps, structures and handrails.

Beechwood Lacquered white stain

Beechwood Natural stain

Beechwood Oak stain

Beechwood Light walnut stain

Beechwood Dark walnut stain

Beechwood Cherry stain

Beechwood Mahogany stain

Beechwood Bleached stain

Beechwood White stain

Beechwood Dove-grau stain

Beechwood Smoke stain

Beechwood Wenghè stain

Oakwood Natural stain

Oakwood Brushed natural stain

Oakwood Brushed & stripped

Oakwood Brushed tobacco stain

Coated metal sheet or brushed/polished stainless steel used for structures, steps, railings and handrails.

Embossed white

Aluminium grey


Anthracite black

Chromium grey


Brushed stainless steel

Polished stainless steel

Resins used for structures, synthetic rubbers and PVC for railings and handrails.

Embossed white

Aluminium grey

Anthracite black

Tempered, extraclear glass with polished edges for steps and railings.